big loop – coastal, then steep hills

It was in the low 90s. I had plenty to drink before and during the ride. I stopped at work and topped off my water, which also made the bottle nice and cold.

I rode a bit up rt 7 during the mid morning lull, but the hotdog stand was closed at 10:30 am. I headed up the hills behind work and  nibbled on a cliff bar for the rest of the ride. The hills behind my work are formidable.

After the ride I went to whole foods to get an energy drink and something to eat. I almost got a slice of pizza, but went for the hot dog wrapped in pizza dough. I t looked good. I took it home and heated it up a bit in the microwave. It was awful offal.  I added some mustard, which helped me choke it down. The worst part was the chewiness. At least it was only $3 and I didn’t need to eat anything else after that. I guess a whole foods market isn’t going to specialize in a hotdog product, but wow! The pizza is excellent there. The difference in quality is a bit extreme.

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