excellent day

I was worried about my ability to get back to normal riding today, but this ride put my fears to rest.

gradientChasemany of the roads I ride on are in bad shape. sportingthis guy: cotton tshirt, steel frame, toe clips and straps. Took initiative up Church Hill. You, sir, win.datsunAndClimberHere he is approaching the steepest part as a Datsun passes by. froghere’s another dude squeeze dudes

in the last 2 miles of this ride I looked down to find my camera had fallen from its mount. I turned around and headed up the road the wrong way and found it.

rounding out a 90 mile weekend

beautiful day.

I gained back the water weight I lost last week from food poisoning. I’m So glad to be back to normal.

Launched at 8 am. did a quick 35 miles and then replaced the right rear bearings on my car, all before noon. I did the left yesterday. The noises the car has been plagued with, which I attributed to compromised CV joint axle assemblies, was actually my rear bearings. Maybe I should change my blog to cycling and car maintenance. carGarmin Connect activity