ideal weather

It was a cold launch at 59 F. It took maybe twenty minutes to warm up. The new tire performed flawlessly once again.

As I crossed over Main Avenue I once again had to stop for a passing train..
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I stopped for a nature break and this empty house lot had a whole lot of these furry plants.





This guy was cranking up a good hill on his mountain bike. My speed was above his, but not by much. I was behind him for a good spell.




Fall ride, before the slippery leaf drop

I am trying a new tire. Continental Ultra Sport II. The Amazon reviews are good. Other reviews on the net, not so much. This was the first 42 miles on it and it was very smooth compared to the Serfas Secca I was running for the last year on the front wheel. It was wobbly and generally a very poorly constructed tire. The first one of a pair split open after about 300 miles of normal use. It split open in multiple places beyond repair. its brother lasted a good 2500 miles. Impressive, but as I said, wobbly, like with uneven rubber distribution. This Continetal is solid and slick.

This guy passed me at the top of Nod Hill. He didn’t lose me, but I didn’t challenge his lead and flowed with him to our departure point.nodHillPasser


I got a flat after flying down 53 past the reservoir South of Bethel. It was the Maxxis reFuse on the back this time, not the new tire. It was a pinch flat. At high speeds down steep hills a small, deep crater will do that. I swapped the spare tube in and hit the road quick enough to keep away the bad effects of stopping too long. (UPDATE: I accidentally had the video camera running the whole time I did the flat repair. It was exactly 11 minutes from the time I rolled off the road to the time I rolled back on.)