no engine

I had nothing today. I could not continue. I had to call it a day. Very strange.  The plan was to meet up with Miguel and cruise over the hills below Ridgefield. I guess my body was not in on the deal.

Yesterday I was pushing hard and feeling good. Today I am listless and I can’t get my heart rate above the mid 130s.

Yesterday I had a bowl of bran flakes with almond milk and raisins for breakfast and a banana on the ride. Today I had a half a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and a banana on the ride. I had genmaicha green tea on both days. Today’s was stronger.

I wasn’t particularly spent after yesterday’s ride, nor did I feel any pain. I am usually a little slower on a second day, but not by much.

Here’s what I think happened. I think I got a heavy dose of endorphins after the fast riding yesterday and it effected my sleep, so even though my internal clock is currently set to wake up at about 6:30, I needed to get more deep sleep, not drop out of bed and hit the hills at 7:45. It was a beautiful day and its what I wanted to do, so I just assumed I could do it, like every other time in recent history.


Chain DropThis time it was my turn for a chain drop

So I parted with Miguel and headed home at 20 miles. I descended the unpaved bald hill down to the most horrible Valley Road; the surface of which is shear torture in the smoothest spots. It is where my camera extricated itself from the fork of my bike from the terrible vibration last month.

This is where I was caught by a groovy rider holding steady. I got on his wheel, which he kindly offered, as he said was heading home feeling spent. I hitched on and we chatted a bit. A little further down the road I passed him and sped up. He left me there for a few and then hit me back very hard. He didn’t lose me, but if he kept driving that pace I would have dropped ‘sooner than later’.  Too bad we weren’t heading out for a long one. Miguel would have enjoyed this one.

stomping about with Miguel

I rode out at 7:40 am to meet Miguel. I passed a few sets along the way and was averaging 18.1 mph when I met up with him.

I had the longer camera mounting strap in my pack. We mounted the camera on Miguel’s helmet. We plotted a course for the coast and headed South.

It was a great and fast ride.

When we returned to the bike shop we mounted M’s bike on the stand and discovered he was out of true with a rear wheel loose spoke. I loosened it more and applied some nipple cream to the threads and tightened it to the proper tension, as was evident with the average tone of the other spokes when plucked. that trued him right up. I adjusted the brakes to have less travel as well. I found it interesting that his barrel adjusters are reverse threaded.