MTB 37 degrees and overcast on 3 inches of wet snow

I have been remiss in my exercise regimen due to health issues.

I headed out on the mountain bike into 3 inches of wet snow. It was very challenging, requiring a very low gear just to get up the driveway. My heart rate was high throughout this ride.


Today I felt great. It was warm enough to melt the snow and cold enough for that perfect combination to loose the feeling in your toes. I used tow warmers, but once they were wet it was all over.




Riding technical single track with 3 inches of wet snow is impossible. I restarted over and over and finally stood behind the bike and pushed it up the path. There were stretches where I could maintain with a little descent in my favor, but once it leveled off or rose it was trudging time.










The roads were pretty clear but salty and spitty. I could not keep the glasses clear, so i opted to ride without them on the way back. With any speed the front tire was sending buckets of salty water into my face. I would not recommend this as fun, but I managed to glean some entertainment out of it.

I wore a pair of silk glove liners under Pearl Izumi’s thin, full finger gloves. That worked out perfectly. Plenty of grip and warmth without the mitten glove.

I mounted the Contour camera to the end of the right grip. here are some shots. click to enlarge.

streetHousesSnowSccene fencesnowscape barkingDog snowtreescape snowbrookLeaves


cycling with snow on the ground

An excellent ride in the cold

Winter riding is difficult to get excited about. NOt only is it difficult to work up enthusiasm for an outside activity when thetemperature is cold enough for snow, but drivers in general seem to think cycling is illegal in the winter. They have even less patience and understanding than they do during the cycling season. I know, shocking.

I was happy with my performance on this ride considering how long it has been.


23.56 mi



958 C


Heart Rate

153 bpm

Avg HR

176 bpm

Max HR





Moving Time


Elapsed Time

14.9 mph

Avg Speed

14.9 mph

Avg Moving Speed

39.8 mph

Max Speed


2,093 ft

Elev Gain

2,080 ft

Elev Loss

87 ft

Min Elev

673 ft

Max Elev


68 rpm

Avg Cadence

120 rpm

Max Cadence


53.4 °F

Avg Temp

51.8 °F

Min Temp

59.0 °F

Max Temp