post double Bear Mountain recovery ride gone epic

I was hurting well after yesterday’s double mountain climb. I slept in a bit on this 4th of July, and launched at 9.

The plan was to take a decent ride, nothing too challenging, and then get back and do an oil change.

Well… it didn’t turn out quite that way. I ended up doing 50 miles and racing The guy on the left for a good 5 of them.


Today I climbed Nod Hill, Diamond Hill, and the east end of East Godfrey among many others. I ended up climbing significantly more that yesterday.The big news is that somehow pushing my legs yesterday had the effect of boosting my ability to recover quickly. I am getting second winds that  eluded me earlier in the season.

The oil change went well despite my exhaustion.

Bear Mountain twice

A few weeks ago I joined Miguel to ride our bikes up Bear Mountain in New York. We decided to do it again today.

Now that I knew what to expect I had an easier time doling out the effort; and when I got to the top, I told Miguel I’d rather not stop, so we didn’t. Instead we enjoyed the sweeping ride down.

When we got to the absolute bottom, where we had started the climb, we turned around and started back up the first section, figuring we would turn at the Inn and leave. Only when we got to the intersection I turned my bike up to do it again. Miguel was up for it, so we did it. I’m so glad we made that choice.

I have been messing with the settings lately of the ContourRoam2 video camera, and apparently I forgot to set them back. It was set for still photo time laps, so I have a bunch of stills from the ride.

This guy caught me about half way up, really slowly, on my second pass. When we got to the turn where it gets a little steeper he seemed to falter, so I went ahead. We rode up together the rest of the way. Here we are going over the top line.chased

We talked to him a few minutes later on the lookout rocks. He was frustrated with his stripped saddle post cuff bolt making his saddle slide down. It seemed a little excuse-ish, since he couldn’t really reproduce the issue as he struggled with it, and he wasn’t knees-to-chest at the top of the climb. You can see in the photo his leg is fully extended. I didn’t mention it was my second ride up to call him out. It was cute.