the ride I meant to do last Sunday

Nice weather. a bit windy. Lots of sweet hills. a little competition.

The bridge was out on a road I wanted to take, so I ditched it into a nature preserve and tried to forge my way through the brush out to the road while carrying my bike, but it wasn’t to be. bridgeclosednaturePreserveEnterforging

Here is the map. The river the bridge goes over was in between. I couldn’t even get through the brambles to reach the river.mapoffail

I gave up and backtracked up the road to the detour. If there wasn’t a couple of guys walking their dogs on the bridge I would have crossed. The construction looks to be pretty much complete.

As I headed back South West I caught up to a guy, and as I approached to pass he accelerated. I thought that was odd until I saw the mirror on his glasses as I passed. I accelerated more and opened a little space. He was behind me for a good stretch of ride up and down some pretty decent hills by the reservoir North of Weston. I didn’t look back at him, but his flashing white headlight reflected brightly on the street signs ahead of me like a beacon.


I love that long, slightly downhill cruise to Weston. I looked back at Godfrey but he wasn’t there. He may have headed East along the rest of the reservoir.

cold ride, overdressed, under-nourished, flat tire

It was sunny and clear this morning, but the mid 50s F. was feeling mighty chilly to me, so I waited until about 10:30 am to launch. During that time I only ate a half a bagel with cream cheese. I once again launched at a caloric deficit. It was still feeling cold to me as I launched, so I wore the long bib and long sleeve jersey over the short sleeve. Crazy. When will I learn?
It was still worth riding, as always, but it was a bust day. I planned on doing maybe 40 miles at best. I ended up only doing 25.

I headed out North East with Gallows Hill as a way point. I ran into a guy named John D. cruising at an impressive clip with little apparent effort. I glommed onto his wheel and we chatted.johnD

I so overdressed for the cold that John’s pace was making me max out. I’m sure he was aware of my shortness of breath. As we crested a hill and I began descending I hit some rough road and my bottle jumped out of its cage. I stopped as safely as possible and looked back to confirm that John dodged it. He had. I stopped and turned to retrieve the bottle, then kept going in the direction I had told him I was heading, and I held the fastest speed I could muster, hitting high 170s HR. As I turned off of Drum Hill road and headed North I saw him turn onto Nod Hill, where I had mentioned to him I was heading. That was the last I saw of him. He may have assumed I turned around, but if he simply wanted to keep his pace, that’s what I would have done as well. No sense waiting for someone who is struggling to maintain your pace. John is Master Class. I hope to ride with him again under better circumstances. John, you kick ass.

Meanwhile I started feeling a second wind after reluctantly accepting that I had pushed myself into an asthma attack and busting out the inhaler. I descended Indian Hill to the major intersection at rt 7 and Georgetown, which I flew through, hoping to keep momentum and make good time out to Gallows Hill. The light was with me. I had stopped the timer somewhere back in the confusion, and lost a chunk of the ride once again. Maybe I’ll set the Garmin back to auto-pause and see how it works out for my next ride.

As I passed through Georgetown, I got a flat in the rear tire.flatrepair After this I decided to throw in the towel. Carrying the extra cloths on me was getting old quick.

Recently my tires were both at their end-of-life. Shelling out tire money at the end of the season hurts a bit, so I got clever last weekend and repaired two tires I have had sitting around. These tires had both suffered similar fates. They were victims of glass slices.reFuseSliced

michellinSlice They are otherwise practically new. I repaired them by cutting strips of sidewall from an old tire, rubber cementing them into place on the inner tire wall, and covering the patch with a strip of electrical tape. tireRepairStuff

innerTireRepairBoth of them seem to be holding well. This flat was unrelated.

I pulled out my repair kit and decided to repair the puncture rather than use the spare tube. It was a quick repair and I was remounting the wheel and topping off the pressure when a concerned guy approached to confirm all was well. I thanked him for his kind gesture. Flat tires are unfortunately a common occurrence for me, so I have become adept at roadside repair. I may have lost significant weight this summer, but I am still a heavy rider in the mid to upper 170 lbs at my lightest. I use a tough and heavy tire (Maxxis reFuse) to minimize the flats on the rear wheel but they still occur far too frequently.