flat tire on the 50 – shocking

I took my day off to ride the 50. Drivers have no patience for cyclists on weekdays.

The Garmin Edge 500 worked perfectly today, even though I had failed to charge it over night. The battery had a ride on it already, but it must have recharged pretty well during the limited time it was plugged in when I upload the ride to Garmin Connect.

The clerk at the gas station tried to stiff me a dollar. I called him on it.

I got a rear flat of unknown origin with the Maxxis reFuse tire as I worked my way up the foot of a long hill. Strange. There is plenty of tread. I found no poke sharp material. I clamored up a path that was at the point of flattitude. I had a spare tube. I did the swap and pumped it up. It held for the ride, and still holds. Strange.

aggressive recovery

A great ride. More troubles with the Garmin Edge 500.

Looking at the map, one can see where the speed and distance was not being recorded. I failed to hit start again after stopping for a moment. After a few miles I realized the Garmin Edge 500 had simply turned off due to non-use. The missing distance appears as a straight line that looks to be about 3 miles. I added the 3 back, although that area is not straight, and would probably add up to a bit more than 3 with the winding roads. Such a shame the auto start/stop doesn’t work well due to signal failures and hard climbs registering as stopping and starting, over and over in auto mode. I control the start and stop manually. Often I can go a whole ride without messing up, but I mess up pretty regularly.

My chain drops off the lower front ring at least 3 or 4 times on every ride now. I need to remember to downshift more slowly. It really messes me up when I am trying to shift down in anticipation of an approaching hill.