raspberry brunch

I took a bunch of Raspberry breaks on this ride. They are at their sweet peek right now. Handfuls of roadside raspberries. Fantastic. I’m sure eating them without washing them is not the healthiest thing to do, and they are probably glazed with exhaust-carried chemicals, but they are so delicious and I don’t do it every day.


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Candlewood Lake mountain cycling

This was the most challenging ride of this year for me. My buddy Miguel flew up the hills with apparent ease. I am surprised and happy about my average speed considering the extreme nature of these hills.


We stopped at the same place we always do and I had a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. We chatted with a friendly guy who was stopping on his motorcycle for a bite and a cigarette.

There was some rain in places before we got there, so we got soaked. We were already soaked from the humidity. My shoes became sogged, and my feet were pruning and gooshy. When I road close to M’s rear wheel it sprayed me copiously from the wet road. I am glad I keep my phone in a plastic baggy, because the saddle pack was soaked. The Garmin Edge 500 rubber protector I got cheap off ebay kept the mini USB connection from getting wet. It comes with a cover, but I lost that within weeks, as it is very poorly designed, and becomes unmanageable to plug and unplug every time you want to connect the unit to a computer.

The Contour Roam2 action video camera handled the wet just fine.