4 goals met

When I got up it was 41 F. It was just over 50 as I launched and I wore my winter garb. It was too much. I rode back up the driveway and changed into my normal summer stuff. I never felt cold. I hit a good HR early and held a high one for the bulk of the ride without feeling overwhelmed.

I had 4 riding goals today. Climb Keeler Lane, ride 50 miles, average 15 mph, and climb overall at least 4000 feet. I exceeded those goals and they are mid-season goals, so I am very pleased.

Here is the Garmin link

I didn’t catch this rider up the beginning hill of Keeler until she was at the foot of the steep ascent. I thought she would be with me up the climb, but she turned around at the level-off before the real climb.
It was a really beautiful day.
Lots of great foliage in the bright sunlight.
As I came in for a landing I crossed over Main street and this bug bus passed me. I love that VW engine sound.

53.81 mi

15.5 mph
Avg Speed

1,724 C


4,678 ft
Elev Gain

153 bpm
Avg HR

178 bpm
Max HR

ideal weather

It was a cold launch at 59 F. It took maybe twenty minutes to warm up. The new tire performed flawlessly once again.

As I crossed over Main Avenue I once again had to stop for a passing train..
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I stopped for a nature break and this empty house lot had a whole lot of these furry plants.





This guy was cranking up a good hill on his mountain bike. My speed was above his, but not by much. I was behind him for a good spell.