the 50 with a few extensions. Purdy New York – the away point

Wow. I’m at 190 pounds right now, but I didn’t let that deter me from attacking every athlete regardless of their abilities.

but first:
Pass me quickly or back off please. This driver drove next to me for a few hundred yards at around 30 mph. Not cool.
hoveringDriverclick image to enlarge

So, to my schooling:
First there was this guy. He passed me very fast as I was basically standing still. The Possum Shark awoke, but it was out of a long hibernation, and the sprightly fawn blithely hopped away with little effort. It was delicious to witness. I pushed it to my absolute maximum output and stayed with him for about 20 seconds. My only complaint is he stopped at the end of the road he lost me on, so it is possible he was spent from loosing me, but I Doubt it. He was maybe 30 years old. He was in top condition at maybe 175 pounds.

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then there was this friendly guy on a TT / Aero bike. I was holding a decent pace when he passed and said hi, so it wasn’t as difficult to hook onto him. I drafted him for a while, but he had it on me in the end. Fantastic. He was 170 pounds tops and at least ten years younger than me.
timetrialerclick image to enlarge

Just before reaching Keeler Lane there’s this downhill turn on the main road. I no longer brake around it because the road is clean and the turn is wide enough for confidence. I’m at 30 MPH here.
30mphturnclick image to enlarge

I tool the extra miles by Titicus reservoir and up through Purdy New York.
Then I climbed Keeler. It was very painful and challenging and I was so happy.
steepClimbclick image to enlarge

Here are the stats for the ride. Crazy. just nuts.
57milerstatsclick image to enlarge

MTB 37 degrees and overcast on 3 inches of wet snow

I have been remiss in my exercise regimen due to health issues.

I headed out on the mountain bike into 3 inches of wet snow. It was very challenging, requiring a very low gear just to get up the driveway. My heart rate was high throughout this ride.


Today I felt great. It was warm enough to melt the snow and cold enough for that perfect combination to loose the feeling in your toes. I used tow warmers, but once they were wet it was all over.




Riding technical single track with 3 inches of wet snow is impossible. I restarted over and over and finally stood behind the bike and pushed it up the path. There were stretches where I could maintain with a little descent in my favor, but once it leveled off or rose it was trudging time.










The roads were pretty clear but salty and spitty. I could not keep the glasses clear, so i opted to ride without them on the way back. With any speed the front tire was sending buckets of salty water into my face. I would not recommend this as fun, but I managed to glean some entertainment out of it.

I wore a pair of silk glove liners under Pearl Izumi’s thin, full finger gloves. That worked out perfectly. Plenty of grip and warmth without the mitten glove.

I mounted the Contour camera to the end of the right grip. here are some shots. click to enlarge.

streetHousesSnowSccene fencesnowscape barkingDog snowtreescape snowbrookLeaves